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Competition Team 


Our award winning competition team is made up of dancers from all over the four state area.  This group is chosen through an audition by different judges in August of each year.  Something unique about our team is we have three different levels.   All three levels work in their own groups, as well as together for our studio production number.  

For more information about tryouts contact us at

General Competition:  This is our first level of competition.  These dancers are required one night of practice a week.  During this practice the dancers learn, clean, and practice competition dances.  They also take ballet and technique.  This group is also encouraged, but not required, to take extra ballet and technique classes throughout the week.  General Competition attends no more than three competitions/conventions a year as well as nationals. 

Junior Diamond Elite:  This is our stepping stone to Diamond Elite.  You are still apart of the general competition classes which meet one night a week.  However, you are now required to earn six hours of technqiue time outside of those rehearsals.  Diamond Elite attends all competitions throughout the season. 

Diamond Elite:  This is our highest level of competition.  These dancers are required 8-10 hours (depending on age) of extra technique time in the studio.  This is in addition to pracitces to work on dances.  Diamond Elite attends 5-6 competitions/conventions a year as well as nationals.  

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