Class Schedule

Below you will find a brief desription of each of our classes.  For a full class schedule please click on the link above.  If you have questions or want to sign your dancer up for classes email us at,


Ballet is the foundation for all dance.  This is why we offer this class for all ages!  It is included in combo classes, or as your dancer gets older we offer hour long ballet technique classes that are extremely beneifical.  ​


This is a very popular class for our students.  This is all about finding individual style, rythym and having a great time.  We offer this at four different levels; tiny, mini, level1/2, and competition.  


Tap is a very improtant class for any age dancer.  The students will progress from basic tap sounds to advanced tap tecnhnique.  We offer this through any of our combo classes as well as level 1/2 tap and jazz, and competition team.  

Lyrical/ Contemporary 

This class is loved by many.  We find it is a combination of several styles, and excellent at letting dancers express their feelings.  We offer this for level 1/2 and competition.  


Jazz is also added into our combo classes,  along with level 1/2 jazz and tap.  This works on basic technique along with the jazz style of routines.  

Competition Classes

Our award winning competition and Diamond Elite teams are by audition only.   The Dancers are taught several routines on which we work to perfect throughout the year.  They are also encouraged to take extra ballet, technique, and stretch and tone classes throughout the year.